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November 10, 2004



Wow, I really love the picture of your cat. It's a great shot. Thanks for sharing.


The selective coloring on this works really well with this image. Beautiful kitty


This is an amazing photo!


wow - a visually stunning photo. Nice work.


I have spent a good part of the evening looking through your site and your photos. You are an exceptionally talented photographer - I especially love this shot, and your processing of it. She is a very pretty cat.

Insta Marv

When the "animal" theme was announced, I thought "Oh, no...everyone's going to take pictures of their pets..." and I really wasn't looking forward to it. Then, I saw your cat. What an absolutely beautiful shot! I'll be checking out the rest of your pics.


Wow! Thats a serious pooky.. What a detail you can see every single whisker...


Awesome shot :)


I love the combination of color and B&W... very interesting!


Very cute! I also like your other cat photos


Great eyes !!!
So green...

Karin Jacobs



WoOoW!!I like your cat!I Love cats
I think the eyes has the tow colours in the same time..
Nice shot!!keep it up.

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