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Avro Arrow Test Facility #2

Avro Arrow Test Facility #2

April 24, 2005

Nobel, Ontario, Canada

Because I love poking around in old abandoned factories and such, Mike showed me a place he had visited many times north of where he lives. He was told that this complex (which covers many acres of land) was used during World War I and World War II as a munitions factory. After the war it was used as a test area for the famous Avro Arrow fighter jet engine. There are many strange looking, huge foundations that cover the area and are overgrown with trees and there are few buildings left standing. It appeared to be large enough to have it's own railroad terminal for the shipping out of the munitions when they were completed. It was extremely interesting to walk around in, but only produced a minimal amount of usable images.

To see a one page history on this complex, visit this site or this one.

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