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December 17, 2004

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I found this carved wooden statue at an antique shop that specialized in military items from around the world several years ago. They knew nothing about her other than it came in a box with a bunch of military items when they purchased them. I paid about 15 or 20 dollars for her if I remember correctly. I still don't know anything about her.

She stands about 10 inches high and is cut from a single block of wood. She is covered in a fairly thick coat of resin that is mixed with ground up organic material. It appears to have been baked on as it is quite hard. She has small shells set into the resin for eyes, has no arms, a pair of small breasts and a very distended belly. The presence of the belly suggests to me that she is a fertility god or good luck charm of some sort.

She appears to have been part of a museum collection at some point as she has what looks like a catalogue number written on the bottom of her left foot in permanent black ink that reads "133". She is one of my favorite pieces in my collection (partly due to the mystery surrounding her, I suppose).

She has a large, wide crack running down her left side that looks like it was caused from wood shrinkage over time. I've seen many Egyptian artifacts when I was in Cairo a few years back that are made of wood that seem to suffer from the same affliction. This could be a hint that this item is of great age (or stored indoors in very dry surroundings for an awful long time).

I would love to be able to pinpoint the age and origin of this lovely lady, so please help if you study these sorts of things. I've run out of resources for trying to find out.

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