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Great Grey Owl #8

Great Grey Owl #8

February 12, 2005

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Today I went looking for more Grey Owls near where I live. Silvia was with me and she spotted two of them on a fence by the road about 200 metres apart. After I shot a few frames, one of the owls looked like it had enough of my presence and began to fly. To my surprise though, it actually flew towards me and landed on the closest fence post directly in front of me as if to say "is this better for you?" I took these shots while standing only about 25-30 feet away from the owl.

Approximately every 10-20 years, these owls fly south from the far north of Ontario in search of food due to vole populations crashing. They seem to be fairly tame towards people and cars because most of the owls have just never seen humans before due to the remote parts of Ontario that is part of their normal range.

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