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Director Aaron Woodley

Director Aaron Woodley

March 03, 2006

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Rhinoceros Eyes" director, Aaron woodley, center, discusses the film with Brett Lamb, right.

I had the opportunity to see a screening of the film "Rhinoceros Eyes", starring Michael Pitt and speak to the director, Aaron Woodley, last night. It's a very interesting movie, as you never seem to know where the story is going to go, unlike most films today which have become so predictable. It has a mix of humour and darkness to it that I really enjoyed.

"Chep, a reclusive young man, gets comfort from the movies and his vivid imagination. When Fran walks into the prop house where he lives looking for unusual objects, Chep immediately develops a crush. Obsessed with her job, for which she designs movie sets, Fran insists that each prop be the real thing, even if it happens to be a pair of rhinoceros eyes or a human finger. Chep's growing love for Fran makes him willing to prowl the dark streets at night in search of items for her. As Fran's requests become more peculiar, Chep is thrown into increasingly bizarre situations. His life quickly spirals out of control. As the strange thefts escalate, Detective Phil Barbara is assigned to the case and is soon on Chep and Fran's trail. "

Thanks to my cousin, Brett Lamb of Blamblog and, for the ticket in. It was a great time.  To see other photos from this night, visit my Flickr site.

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