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Jean-Claude Duvalier

Jean-Claude Duvalier

October 11, 2004

Near Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

This is just one of six small gravestones that I found in a field beside the road near Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. It was obviously done as a political statement and I wish I knew more about them and who made them. The field was empty except for these monuments.

The leaders represented here are:

- Leopoldo Galtieri
- Ferdinand Marcos
- Muammar El Qaddafi
- Jean-Claude Duvalier
- Idi Amin
- Ayatollah Khomeini

I found this fascinating. They all had death dates mostly in the 1980's (I imagine that's when these were placed here).

Only one (Duvalier) had been death-dated "20", which probably means he is supposed to die in the 21st century at some point.

If anyone from the area knows anything about these, please contact me at: kevin55(at)
I would love to do a follow-up story about them.

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