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Travelling Companions

September 08, 2004

Hwy 400 near Mactier, Ontario, Canada

Earlier this afternoon, I came across a hitchhiker and her dog along a stretch of highway that is being upgraded (my job is to inspect such work).

She told me that she adopted the puppy two months ago on Vancouver Island (that's way on the other end of Canada in British Columbia, for those of you who have no idea where that is. I am 150-200 km north of Toronto, Ontario).

I never asked her what her name was, but from what I can recall, she is heading back west again. I should have asked a few more questions as to her destination, where she is from, etc. She probably has some pretty interesting stories from the road.

UPDATE: The hitchiker I spoke with and photographed had recently sent me an email:

"Hey Kevin, this is the traveller. We made it back to BC A-Ok. It took 8 days, but aside from that everything was smooth. Thanks so much for taking this picture. I don't have any photos of Bastien yet ( the pup ) and this is definitely a special one. Hope you make it out to BC with your wife. I'm sure you will find lots to photograph, especially on the islands."

I'd like to thank her for contacting me and I'm happy she liked the photo.

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