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June 13, 2004



Hey Kevin,

Thanks VERY much for posting these photos to your site and letting me know they're there. I'd like to take you up on your cd offer, please...I'd really appreciate it. As well, thank you very much for posting my URL on your website...I was surprised and delighted to see it there.

I hope you get up to the Lake as often as you can...the next time Libet and I are in Ontario together we're heading up for a visit. Will let you know when that'll be...probably not till 2005.

All the best,


P.S. What's up with that cannon??? Does he ever fire it? I think he's kind of missing the point of owning that particular cottage :o)


These picture are just BEAUTIFUL.
Thank you sharing it with us.


i am a cottager on head lake and i was just wondering if you were to. The pictures are beatiful and some of them i recoginize. You seem to know a lot of the cottagers and thats why i ask if you own a cottage on the lake.

Yes I am a cottager on Head Lake. Thanks for your comments. I love Head Lake and I try to show as many people as possible how beautiful it is.

Which side of the lake are you on? We're on the east side and have been there for 25 years as of this summer.

yes, i posted a comment a while ago and you replied, thank you ver much. We are also on hte east side, where about's?

Kevin (site owner)

We are at the midway point on the east side. "The Lamb's". We have a blue boathouse with a deck on it with a Canadian flag.

Where is yours?

my grandparents have a cottage close to yours, it is just down the big hill at the end of the 6th line

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Linda Flynn

Hi Kevin,
We purchased on Sunset Beach Road last October and have been renovating all winter - will continue through the summer I expect. We're hoping to meet some of the cottagers as the weather improves and we definitely make it up every weekend.
Pics are beautiful and I echo your sentiments about the area. We are thrilled to join the community.

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