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April 24, 2005



Great pics - I like the few you took. The grey day, with no sharp shadows, seemed well suited to the concrete structures.


Train tracks were used to bring in coal and then oil to run the boilers that created the steam for the test rigs. Much fuel was also required to feed the afterburners during tests of the Iroquois engine.

A great book to read about the use of those concrete forms and many other things Nobel was written by the Engineer in Charge of the site, John L Armstrong called
"History of the Orenda Test Establishment at Nobel"
March, 1991 ISN 0-9680684-7-2


aerial photo of location

Peter v

Any chance you could give me directions to find the site. I rent a cottage in parry sound every summer. I once tried to find it but had my wife and young son in tow and didn't have much time. If you have gps coordinates that would be great. Thanks a lot

Alan Robson

I was at the site today and it has been reduced to a pile of rubble, this has taken place in recent times as google earth still shows them in place
What a shame

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