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October 23, 2006


Chatterpaul Ram

Just inspirating.

Kim's faith in The Lord Jesus Christ has enpowered her to achieve what the "Robert McNamaras" could not achieve in the America-Vietnam relationship.

Amiee Matoz

I think it was really sad what happen to her and I am glad she finally doing okay.

donna barfoot

I was deeply touched by the story of Kim as we all listened to her speak in Hanover, Ontario.
She said it so well. She knows what it is like to be free and to be not free,live in poverty and live well,live in fear and in peace. Kim is not only a good will ambasador in Christ but, also making her life count and loves her new country. This is wonderful in a day when all we hear is negativity and complaints about petty things. My prayers are with her and her family.

J  D

W A R Warning, Taking Action and produce Result:

There is no good WAR but one should study the Resul ot it and make decision accordingly: Vietnam War, there were millions of lives lost, millions dollars properties destoyed. But looking at the bright side, millions of vietnamese families be able to change their lives... fulfill their dream what imposible to do in dirty poor third world Vietnam...Only the leaders, dictators and their families have done it for hundreds of years... and they still do such lawless busniess today....

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