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Kim Phuc (Vietnam War)

Kim Phuc (Vietnam War)

October 23, 2006

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

It is considered the "photo of the century". It's the photo of a young Vietnamese girl running naked down a road, her skin on fire from napalm immediately after a US airstrike. The photo changed the way the world looked at the Vietnam War, and later won a Pulitzer Prize. The girl in the photo was Kim Phuc and she visited Barrie to share her story.

She had a very hard life after that photo was taken and became a tool of propaganda for many years. She now lives a life of freedom and resides in Canada.

Silvia and I spoke with her after her speaking engagement. She was very nice. I took some photos for her with various people that I will be giving to her later and she signed a copy of the book about her life that I had with me. It was a special night for me. That famous photo is one of the few that made me want to become a photographer and to become a photojournalist.

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